Privacy Policy

The new EU Privacy Policy (GDPR) (http://www.tietosuoja.fi/fi/index/euntietosuojajaudistus.html) gives the data subjects more rights to manage their personal data. The registrar and the personal data handlers must take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access to data and to the accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, transfer, transfer or other illegal processing of data.

By continuing to use the online service, you agree to the following privacy statement and cookies in the online service.

Privacy Policy for the Web Service

1 Registrar


TMI Esa Lompolojärvi
Lapland Taxi
95980 Ylläsjärvi
Other contacts tel. +358 400 444190
e-mail: info@lapland-taxi.com

2 Data Protection Requests

Contact information on the rights and requests of the data subject:


3 The name of the registry

Online Service User Register

4 Handling of Personal Information

Ensure the proper use of the www.lapland-taxi.fi web service.

Collect information to develop a web service for customer-oriented and remarkable remarketing.

Transmission of a Call for Proposals to the Registrar.

5 Data content of the register

Online service users, customers, employees,

Web page user information: Beginning of  IP (Internet Protocol) address, cookie information, terminal type, traffic source, time of visit.

– In the call for tenders / contact
– email, phone number, name, message , subject.

6 Regular sources of information

Information provided by the user on the web site during and on the web service.

7 Regular deliveries of information

It will not be created outside the EU for companies that do not meet Privacy Shield or similar requirements set by the GDPR. The data will remain with the registrar and personal data processors (Google).

8 Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

The company’s network service is located on Finnish servers. Website user data, however, is stored in Google Analytics visitor tracking in Google’s cloud environment, which can also be located outside the ETA (Privacy Shield countries).


9 Protection

Access control for business premises. Requiring identification from accessed persons, Google anonymizes user data, they are located in a secure cloud environment. Data can not be combined without the Internet operator’s information for natural persons. Secure connection to the online service (SSL).

10 Risks

Risks related to personal data include, for example, security breaches. Personal data stored in the register is protected, for example, unauthorized access to data, and any accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other illegal processing of data.

11 Registered Rights

Access to personal data

Right to data rectification

Right to Clear Data

Right to limit processing

of opposition

Right to transfer data from one system to another (where applicable)

A request for registered rights must be made in writing to the registrar by e-mail.

12 Storage time

The user-level and transaction-level data that Google Analytics stores will be automatically deleted from Analytics servers after 26 months.

The contacts will be kept for a year, after which they will be removed from the registers unless they have a legal basis under the law or regulation.